Innovation to optimize your project

TECCON® System is characterized by a series of features that are of great value – both financially and in terms of the number of uses they can be put to – for all those involved in improving housing.
  • It meets the requirements of the new Spanish Technical Code.
  • It has CE conformity marking, guaranteeing the quality of workmanship.
  • Technical Office at your service.
  • TECCON takes care of measurements and budget.
  • TECCON takes care of System Report and Calculations.
  • TECCON® System is performance-tested in official laboratories (thermal, fire, and sound insulation, as well as impact absorption).
  • Possibility of drawing up initial designs using the system’s components, optimizing the project from its conception.
    TECCON® System does not limit the Architect’s creativity.
  • The flexibility of the system allows it to be adapted to the demands of the design.
  • Allows the Architect to offer something different from the norm, especially for public tenders.
  • Offers the most advanced technology, of the best quality and at the best price.
  • Ensures that the Final Design has the maximum construction detail possible.
  • Guarantees higher quality construction work (precision and performance).
  • TECCON® System’s performance is certified using official tests at the EOTA (European Commission).
  • Ensures certification by the Technical Monitoring Offices, without technical reservations.
  • Guarantees the processing of the ten-year insurance policy.
  • The time saved when implementing the design allows:
    • Higher turnover of the capital invested.
    • Streamlining of the commercial management of the project.
  • The use of cutting-edge technology improves the promoter’s image and makes them stand out from the crowd in a sector in which there is little to differentiate one company from another.

  • Reduces the time required to raise the building’s structure to one third of that required in conventional construction.
  • Simplifies site management (fewer components, personnel, etc.).
  • Onsite assembly errors are impossible.
  • Easily handled components. No need for a fixed crane on site. Reduces the risk of onsite accidents.
  • There are teams of authorized fitters available.
  • Constructed using prefabricated parts and completely dry methods.