A fast and sustainable housing solution

Fewer teams of onsite workers, reduced costs, reduced tolerances, effective quality control and maintenance, onsite work quickly completed.

Altogether, TECCON® System’s performance ensures compliance with the main international technical building codes.

All materials used are recycled. Constructed using completely dry methods.
No waste is produced on site. Once it has finished being used, the system can be dismantled and the majority of its components reused.

Thanks both to the quality control required when producing vertical and horizontal sections and to TECCON® System’s onsite assembly, there is zero risk of errors (an important factor in designs using large numbers of prefabricated elements and low-skilled workers).

TECCON® System arrives on site prefabricated. Quickly assembled. Facilitates the work of the rest of the professionals on site. The technical project manager’s monitoring of assembly time is more accurate.

It leads, on average, to a 15% reduction in the budget for structures and foundations and a 40% reduction in construction time, compared with conventional systems. It also leads to other advantages, variable depending on the promoter-building contractor, in the areas of logistics and finances (greatest benefits in capital turnover).

Any exterior finish is possible (TECCON® System is only the interior framework).

TECCON® System has been awarded the internationally recognized ETA (European Technical Approval).